Purchase Secondhand

Types of products handled

gas fuel gasoline station construction Cambodia Phnom PenhWe import petrol refueling machines from each country.
Many Chinese and Korean products are imported, but we also import Japanese products.
Especially the products of TATSUNO, TOKICO and TMC are excellent, customers also want these products.
We have built a lot of gas stations so far and construction continues even as Cambodia continues to develop.
Therefore, we can purchase Japanese products on a regular basis in a stable manner.

gas fuel gasoline station construction Cambodia Phnom PenhBesides the same the refueling machine, it is also possible to purchase mixtures of various refueling machines that can be purchased at that time.
Purchasing is possible not only by purchasing only the refueling machine, but also with other nozzles and equipment necessary for construction such as lighting.
Please consult about it.


About machine condition


gas fuel gasoline station construction Cambodia Phnom PenhYou do not need to repair a lot before we buy.
Work cost in Japan is ten times as large as Cambodia.
Please omit that work and improve mutual benefit.

1)About painting
It is not necessary to paint the product beautifully.
It can be done cheaply in our company.

2)About minute damage
We can repair damages at low cost in our company.

3)About the system
There is no need to repair the refueling system of the precision part.
We will change the system of the refueling machine to the specification of Cambodia.
It can not be used even if repaired by Japanese system.

4)About parts missing
In addition, please consult about loss of parts etc.
We may be able to make it or obtain it separately.